Any Taunton, Massachusetts home or business can benefit from a skylight. These beautiful “ceiling windows” lend sunshine and natural light to any space, ensuring a splendid addition to any design feature as well as adding a cost effective lighting scheme to your structure. Skylights come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the right options for your home and your wallet. With a selection as vast as windows, the right skylight can be installed to suit both your needs and your tastes.

Whether you’re in the market for a new skylight or you need your existing skylight repaired because of a leak, you can count on Ferreira Roofing to get the job done right. Our in-house team of highly skilled skylight installation and repair experts are available to assist you with all of your skylight needs. We guarantee your skylight will be installed or repaired as promptly and respectfully as possible so you can stop worrying about your skylight and concentrate on the more important things in your life. Contact us now and we’ll send our skylight installation and repair experts to your Taunton, Mass home or business today for a free estimate.

Skylight Repairs

Sometimes due to faulty installation, inferior products or storm damages, skylights can leak. When this happens, you need to be aware that more serious problems can happen overnight if you let your skylight leak continue without interruption. Serious issues like mold and mildew can quickly spiral out of control, subjecting all of the inhabitants and guests of the dwelling to respiratory health problems. If you notice any of the following symptoms of a skylight leak in your Taunton, Mass. home or business; don’t wait for more serious problems to take place. Call Ferreira Roofing today for a quick repair that lasts a lifetime.

  • Excessive Leaf Debris- Many times, leaf and tree litter can build up behind skylights. If this is allowed to take place for extended periods of time, water can dam up, create fungus and eventually rot the sealants that protect the skylight, causing a roof leak.
  • Water Stains- When water stains are visible on the interior of the skylight, you can bet that serious damages are taking place that very moment. Call Ferreira Roofing immediately to find and fix your skylight leak today.
  • Fogging Panes- Skylights glass exterior is layered with several layers of protective glass and laminates. When anyone of these layers become separated, your skylight can leak, causing the panes to permanently fog up or cause fungus growth between the panes.

Skylight Installation

Whether you have a new home, room addition or simply want a skylight installed in your existing home or business, call Ferreira Roofing today. We install all styles, models and makes of skylights as well as service and repair all skylights in the Taunton, MA area. With our team of highly skilled and experienced skylight installers, you can rest assured in knowing that your skylight installation is going to be affordably and expertly installed. Contact us now and we’ll provide you with a no obligation, no cost estimate for your skylight installation today.