• Roofing technicians installing new roof in taunton

    Taunton New Roof Replacement

    New roof replacement in Taunton, Massachusetts. New GAF Timberline Series roofing shingles were used. Customer was pleased with job and cleanliness.

  • Chimney contractor installing cap

    Chimney Cap – Cape Cod MA

    Every chimney should have a cap. There is one main reason for ensuring that your chimney stack has a cap.  This will prevent anything from entering the chimney. If you use the fireplace often, a cap will prevent flammable debris from entering preventing a fire hazard. Additionally, chimney caps prevent critters such as squirrels, chipmunks, […]

  • Mattapan, MA new roofing installation

    New Roof Installation, Mattapan, MA

    New Roofing Installation in Mattapan, Massachusetts Most times when a you purchase an existing home there are cosmetic repairs and even structural repairs to critical systems that must be addressed to avoid costly repairs in the future. The roof is one of those systems of the property that should be professionally inspected and necessary repairs […]

  • Slate Roofing Contractor

    Slate Roof Repair in Boston, MA

    No Job is Too small or Too Large for Ferreira Roofing Company. Client originally spoke with Five other professional roofing companies in the Boston area and they all declined to take on the slate roof repair. Ferreira Roofing said YES!!  Job was completed on time and on budget.  Client is Happy We will gladly inspect […]

  • Roof Installation Taunton, Ma

    New Roof Installation, Taunton, MA

  • Chimney repair

    Chimney Rebuild Brockton MA

    Customer needed the exterior part of their chimney repaired. Upon visual inspection, there was evidence of cracks and voids along with loose chimney bricks. This is potential fire hazard since it can lead to fires through heat transfer.

    We removed the the loose bricks and morter, replaced them with new bricks and finished to customer's satisfaction

  • new roof and skylight intallation, Plymouth, MA

    Roof and Skylight Install Plymouth, MA

    Skylights are used to allowed sunlight in to an interior living space. Skylights are relatively affordable and simple to install while replacing a roof.

  • mall rubber roof leak

    Roof Leak in Mall, Swansea, MA

    Rubber Roof Leak

    Client called with concerns that the rubber roofing material is damaged and is causing a water leak.

    After inspection, we located the source of the damage, assigned a team of technicians specializing in installation and repair of rubber roofing systems.

    We effectively repaired the leak saving our client potentially thousands of dollars in water damage and eliminated downtime.