Faulty Gutters Can Cause Roof Leaks

Are Your Gutters in Good Shape?

Ferreira Roofing specializes in gutter repair and installation.  We have been providing professional and reliable gutter repair and installations in Raynham MA, Taunton MA, Boston MA, Easton MA and Bridgewater MA and parts of RI.

Whether you have a complete gutter and downspout system around your entire  home or business or you have a small section of gutter across the entryway of your home, its purpose is to wick water away from the structure to prevent water intrusion through the foundation and walls.

While these systems are extremely useful (and necessary in some instances) they can often easily become damaged from storms, improper installation and neglect. Sagging gutters, clogged channels and detached downspouts are not only ugly cosmetic problems, they also inadequately remove the water away from the structure, allowing roof leaks and other structural damages to take place. If you notice any of the following problems with your gutter system; don’t hesitate, before it’s too late contact Ferreira Roofing for a no obligation, free estimate of your gutter repair or gutter installation needs today.

Gutter Inspections

Although it’s never a good idea to inspect your roof or gutter system from a ladder, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for minor gutter problems from the safety of the ground. When inspecting your gutter system, be sure that you check the following areas for a thorough and complete gutter inspection.

  • Drip Edge/Eaves- This metal flashing material is used on all roofing systems to prevent water from damaging the edge of the roofline. Gutters often attach behind the drip edge and should be inspected regularly for signs of disrepair.
  • Seams- Although they call them seamless gutters, they still have seams where gutter corners and downspouts connect. Check these areas for leak stains or other signs of water leaks or damage.
  • Downspouts- A clogged downspout can be a sure roof leak waiting to happen. Never place wire, sticks or other gutter damaging-devices into the downspouts to check for clogs. Remove the downspout for a complete visual inspection.
  • Fasteners- When fasteners are installed at the incorrect angle, they can easily penetrate the roofing membrane, causing an instant roof leak. Look for signs of rust or corrosion on all fasteners and call a licensed and insured gutter repair specialist such as Ferreira Roofing right away when problems are discovered.
  • Odd Discolorations- Many times when roofing troubles abound, heavy stains can be evident. The same is true for gutters that exhibit odd discolorations or corrosion. These can be signs that more serious problems lie in wait. Call Ferreira Roofing now for a complete no obligation, no cost gutter inspection today.
  • Sagging Gutters- Sags in your gutter channels can mean a number of roofing calamities may be present. Sagging gutters can caused by poor installation, corroded fasteners or rotted subfascia boards. When water is allowed to overflow sagging gutter channels, water can prematurely exit the channel and run down behind your siding and enter your Taunton, Mass structure.
  • Mold, Mildew and Fungus- When black mold, smelly mildew or wood rotting fungus is visible on your gutter system, you can bet that more serious troubles are going to take place if the damages are left alone to fester. When mold, mildew or fungus is growing in or around your gutters, it’s in your best interests to call a quality gutter repair company right away.

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