Raynham MA Ice Dam and Snow Removal Review

Superb Service, Performance, and Price.  Greetings from Raynham, MA aka Antarctica and if I showed you pictures of my property right now (February 2015), you would understand why! I am absolutely impressed with the team of roofing professionals from Ferreira Company who came to my home yesterday to take care of removing snow, ice, icicles, and ice dams from my roof and gutters. This has been the worst winter ever in all of my life and has caused me a lot of stress!! Water was leaking through two ceilings and also through one ceiling light fixture too — all because of Old Man Winter hosting a Snow/Ice party on my roof with party guests including: good ol’ Frosty the Snow Man (and his very large extended family), the Snow Queen, and Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen.
Adrian communicated with me on his arrival time, arrived promptly, and the equipped team of workers immediately started the job and worked incessantly without breaks until the entire job was done. You could easily tell that this team was experienced and had done this sort of thing many, many times before. Thanks to Ferreira Company, I am happy to say that the winter-long party is now over, no more frosties are spilling over the edge of the roof, and that the entire ice castle has been destroyed! And now I can move onto the next step in dealing with the water damage inside of my house, now that the source of the problem has been addressed.
In choosing a roofing contractor, I was extremely selective because I am always careful about how I spend my money, especially when it comes to larger expenses. I chose Ferreira for several reasons: they have 10 plus years of experience in dealing with this sort of problem, they were able to answer all my many detailed questions patiently and with ease due to their breadth of expertise, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, they are licensed and bonded (because you don’t want anyone not licensed to be performing such dangerous work, never mind someone inexperienced getting hurt on your property). I had called or spoken to at least 3 other contractors and weeded them out for many different reasons and I was so happy to find this company because they met all of my requirements and more.
I was very worried that a contractor wouldn’t be able to help me at all because I had 3 foot high snow (no exaggeration!) on my deck, no easy access to the roof because there was no snow clearance or path on the ground surrounding my home, and to make matters worse, I had a car stuck on ice in the driveway – so I was not even sure the roofing truck could get past it to perform the work at hand. Meanwhile, I had water leaking inside my home so you can imagine my personal stress level at the time I made the call. But Adrian, who I think may be the manager of operations and/or owner, calmly put all of my worries at ease and said it was “no problem” to every matter at hand and that they would take care of “everything” – and they did exactly that! Most other contractors would have probably said “it will be x more dollars” for this and that or would refuse to do the work with such obstacles. To boot, Adrian and his team got my car unstuck from the driveway (which isn’t what they were hired for – Adrian just kindly volunteered to do it, even as busy as he was, because he wanted to help). That kind, personal gesture really made a difference in our lives and took one more headache off of our plates.
On a final note, I wanted to also mention that Adrian listened intently, was so nice and personable and you can just tell that he cares not only for his business, and the dedicated employees working for him, but just for PEOPLE in general. Adrian, a very busy man handling no doubt 100’s of calls from panicked homeowners each day especially during this ridiculous winter, was absolutely hands-on during the job working with the team while still overseeing all tasks for added quality assurance. Additionally, he generously offered helpful tips for preventing future problems (which again, most contractors wouldn’t share because they want the future business!). It was my impression that Adrian just enjoys helping people and that is his fundamental motivation — which no doubt is why the Ferreira business thrives. To no surprise, it was also evident that his loyal employees had deep respect for him and enjoyed working for him. Bottom line, in my opinion, happy employees do great work because of the role model(s) in positions above them who are setting the stage and performance criteria for exceptional outcomes and treating their employees respectfully and gratefully — like they are part of one happy, unified family with common goals and values.
Ferreira Company is a first class act and you get what you pay for. If you have snow, ice, icicles, ice dams, and/or leaking water from your roof, don’t wait another minute and just call Ferreira so they can help prevent and minimize any possible damage to your home. We are eternally grateful and extremely relieved that our roof and gutters are clear for the next storm. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the quick response, exceptional work, great price, and most of all, for the personal trust that I now have in your company.