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Easton MA Roofing Installation

Easton Roofing Installation

Finding roofing or siding contractors in Easton MA should be fairly easy, since there are quite a large number to choose from.  But selecting the wrong roofing or sidingcompany for your roofing or siding project can be costly and time wasted.

Ferreira Roofing is a Taunton MA licensed roofing and siding contractor that has been providing residential and commercial roofing and siding repair and installation to the Easton MA, residential and commercial sectors for over 15 years.

If your home or business is located in Easton MA or surrounding communities, give Ferreira Roofing a call.  Specially when you are looking to put your house on the market to sell or if you are interested purchasing a property and need a roof inspection, roof repair or roof replacement.  We are an experienced roofing and siding contractor with the know how on roof inspections.  We can provide you with a written estimate of the repair or roof replacement if needed.

Most times, we can salvage a roof by providing the required repairs and thus avoiding costly roof replacements.


If you are looking to hire a local roofing or siding contractor in the Easton, MA area you may want to follow this guide to help you make the right decision:


  1.  Talk to Friends and Family- As some point a friend or family member has had to do some work on their roof or siding and probably hired a local roofing or siding contractor to do the work.  Ask them about their experience with the contractor, did they finish the work on time, were they on budget? Did they respect the property and kept it  clean and neat?  This not only helps you hire the best local roofing contractor but probably will get the same professional job at a great price.
  2. Check Licensing and Insurance- Once you have decided to hire a contractor of choice, ensure that they provide proof of insurance and licensing.  You can also check with your local city hall to check if the given contractor license number is active.
  3. Ask for References- It’s always a good idea to ask your potential roofing contractor to provide you with a list of contactable references along with an estimate. Be sure to follow up all references with a phone call or visit to the building to see for yourself just how well your roofing contractor has performed in the past. This way you’ll be sure to be next on a long list of happy customers.
  4. Completion Date- When a roof leak occurs it’s in your best interests to have it repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further, more costly repairs from taking place. Be sure your roofing contractor provides you with a completion date to ensure your roof is repaired promptly.
  5. Ensure a Complete Exterior Inspection is Performed- More often than not, unscrupulous roofers can try to squeeze more money out of a job by claiming that the entire roof needs to be replaced, when in fact, a simple roof repair would have sufficed. Be sure your roofing contractor completely inspects the roof, siding, skylights and gutters before they give you a bid on the job. Here at Ferreira Roofing, we offer all of our customers a total exterior inspection of your property.
  6. Good Savings vs. Quality Work– Just because a roofing contractor has the lowest bid doesn’t mean they’re going to do the best job. Cutting corners by using inferior roofing materials can easily happen to a homeowner if they’re not careful. Be sure to get a cost breakdown of the materials used on your roofing project so you can compare labor and material bids effectively.
  7. Product Warranties – Ensure that your potential roofing contractor explains the product warranties and will provide you with a certificate and final inspection by a manufacturer’s representative.  We quote American made materials and provide the best product guarantees.

Ferreira Roofing understand that smart consumers shop for quality and professional installation services, best materials and best guarantees and of course best pricing.  We follow the this same practice when servicing our clients.  Call us for a FREE consultation and estimate, we would love to earn your business.