Roof Repair or Replacement in Massachusetts

How do you know if you need  a roof repair or replacement?  Weather you live in the Taunton, MA or Southeastern Massachusetts area, an asphalt shingle roof can last for only a finite time. The typical asphalt shingle roof can last anywhere from 10-25 years depending upon how well they were installed, what type of materials were used for the roofing installation and what weather conditions surround them. When the wet and cold weather that often plagues this area strikes, more often than not, someone’s roof is going to leak. Most of the time a roof leak is a minor problem and can be repaired quickly and efficiently—sometimes it’s not.

It’s definitely a tough job to tell whether or not you need a roof repair or a roof replacement without years of roofing experience. That’s why many homeowners are often tricked into thinking they need a new roof, when in fact a simple roof repair would have done the trick. The basic rule of thumb is if your shingles have heavy storm damages or are more than 15 years old you probably need a new asphalt shingle roof; otherwise a roof repair will most likely do. Be sure you look for the following checkpoints before you commit to replacing your roof and find out for yourself whether or not you really need a new roof or just a quick repair of your roof.

Perform a Thorough Inspection

Although it’s never a good idea to get on a ladder and inspect your own roof, you can spot the following roofing troubles easily from the safety of the ground. If you do notice any of these roofing troubles; don’t wait for more serious problems to take place. Contact Ferreira Roofing of Taunton MA, right now for a free, no obligation roofing inspection and estimate today. Our in-house team of roofing specialists can diagnose any roofing problems you may have and efficiently and permanently repair or replace them.

damage shingle by tree branch, roof repair must be done

Tree Damage Roof Shingle

Environmental Damage – Wind, rain, ice and specially freezing weather conditions can take a toll on roofing shingles, look for broken or missing shingles

Tree Damage –  An hanging tree branch can cause severe damage to roof shingles as the branches rub the shingles causing abrasion or tearing or the roof shingles.  Look for worn or damaged roofing shingles.

Roof damage caused by animals - roof repair must be done

Animal Roof Damage

Animal Damage – Squirrels, Racoons or birds can cause severe damage to roofing.  Normally, when these animals are looking for a safe and warm place to raise their young, they go searching for weak or decayed areas of the roofing structure.  Look for holes in eaves or torn ripped roof shingles.



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