Roof Ice Snow Removal

Roof Snow and Ice Removal Service

The main reasons for removing snow from roofs are; to cut the amount of weight on the roof and to prevent ice dams from building up.

New England winters are well-known for their ability to produce great amount of snow fall during winter months.  Sometimes these snow falls come one after the other causing excessive accumulation on residential or commercial roofs.

Accumulated snow or ice on roofing systems can pose several threats.  First one is roof collapsing.  This is very unlikely since,  building codes, rquire that home roofing systems are constructed to withstand or accede heavy snow loads.  The most common danger is snow and ice accumulating at the over hangs.

Too much snow collected on the over hangs, can block gutter systems.  Warm air from the inside of the attic causes the snow on the roof to melt and run down to the gutter.  Since there is no warm air at the overhang, this melt starts to freeze causing the water to dam at the edge of the roof and slowly finding its way into the roof and walls of the building or home.

How to remove snow from roof tops.  Removing snow is a job left to an experienced and well equipped company.  They have the proper tools and equipment and specially trained technicians to properly and safely handle the job.

Whether you are hiring a professional snow removal company or taking on the task yourself, keep in mind that the main goal is to remove excess snow on the roof and clear the snow from the overhangs. There is no need to try to remove all the snow down to the shingles.  Attempting this may cause damage to the roof shingles or other roofing material.

Ice dam removal in ma and riThere are several methods and tools to remove snow from roof tops.

  • Roof Raking – this involves use of a specially made roof rake than can be used by a home owner to remove accessible snow from the ground.  Ensure to use a rake that has bumpers or rollers to not cause damage to the roofing material as it comes in contact with it.
  • Shoveling – if your roof has a very low pitch or flat roof, using a shovel can be very effective in removing the snow by a property owner.  Ensuring that the selected shovels are light and made of plastic will prevent damage to the roof.  Deciding to not doing it alone is also a good decision.  Seek the help of a helper.
  • Seek a Professional – experienced roof snow removing companies have the people equipped with the right safety gear, ladders and snow removing tools to effectively handle the job.

When hiring a snow removal company, check to make sure they have the proper insurance and licensing required in your area.  Also, make sure that they practice proper safety rules.

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