Keeping your Roofing Repair Costs to a Minimum

Roofing repairs can easily cost you a fortune if they are allowed to continue as is without immediate repairs. The longer a roofing leak is left alone to its own devices, the more damages it causes and the harder they are to repair. If mold, mildew and fungus are allowed to form, then the backbreaking and costly work of repairing your Taunton, Massachusetts home or business is just beginning.  That’s why when a roof leak is discovered; it’s in your best interests to repair the damages right away before more serious damages have a chance to happen. Call Ferreira Roofing immediately upon discovering a roof leak, but use these simple steps first and you’ll help alleviate the high costs of roofing repairs and roof replacement.

Performing Annual Roofing Inspections

A roofing inspection is one of the most important ways to defer the high costs of untimely emergency roof replacement and repairs. Here at Ferreira Roofing, we recommend that you have your Taunton, Mass home or businesses roof inspected at least once a year, preferably before winter or summer. This will allow you to easily find and repair minor roofing problems before they have a chance to become and major roof leak.

While it’s never a good idea to perform your own roofing inspection without the right training, safety equipment and leak finding experience, it’s always a good idea to check for the following roofing troubles from the safety of the ground every few months or so. If you spot any of the following roofing problems on your Taunton, MA roof; don’t wait for more costly roofing repairs to become evident. Contact us now and we’ll send our team of highly skilled roofing repair experts to diagnose and repair your roofing troubles before they have a chance to become expensive, time consuming nightmares.

  • Broken, Missing or Curling Shingles- When these obvious signs of roofing damages are evident, it’s time to react before more expensive roof leaks have a chance to take place. Call a licensed and insured roofer right away to make minor repairs before they become major projects.
  • Aging Sealants- More often than not, the sealants that are used to keep water out of your home will age long before the shingles on your roof will. Butyl, rubber and tar are all useful in keeping water from entering through plumbing pipes, skylights and vents. Check for cracked, peeling or blistering sealants often as these are sure signs that more expensive roofing problems are on their way.
  • Strange Discolorations- Odd stains and other heavy dark marks on your roof are often sure signals that a roofing calamity is about to befall you. If you notice any dark discolorations, rust or other odd stains on your Taunton home or businesses roof; don’t wait until a roof leak happens. Call the roof repair pros at Ferreira Roofing now for your free, no obligation roofing estimate today.
  • Problematic Gutters- Gutter systems can easily clog or become sloped improperly, ensuring water runoff doesn’t happen like it should. Water can easily enter behind a clogged gutter and create a roof leak. Check gutters often and call a licensed and insured roofing contractor to make the repairs as soon as possible to prevent more costly roofing troubles from happening to you.