Ice dam removal in ma and ri

Ice Dams and Removal

Ice Dam Removal – A must know guide

New England winter weather can be very harsh at times. Very cold and heavy snow fall; followed by warmer weather, than freezing cold and then more snow. Heavy accumulation of snow and freezing temperatures can lead to ice dams on the roofs.

Ice dams are formed when the accumulated snow on the roof is melted by the heat in the attic that is inadequately insulated or ventilated, unfortunately, the overhang of the roof or eves are not heated as the rest of the roof and accumulated snow on the gutters stop the flow of melted snow, this stagnant water will begin to freeze and therefore cause ice dams.

These dams can cause severe damage to gutters, loosen roof shingles and worst; cause the trapped water to leak back into the house or building.

If you see icicles forming or can clearly see ice dam forming on your roof, it would be wise to call a local roofing contractor to help with the ice dam removal. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle the project with ease and safely.

Some home owners resort to climbing on a ladder to hammer or chisel away on the accumulated ice to break the dams. This not only can be detrimental to a roof but also very dangerous.  Before you decide to tackle the removing of ice dams yourself consider these tips for quick fix:

  • Call a professional company in your local area that can quickly respond and safely remove the ice dams.
  • If a professional is not available, then shop around for some calcium chloride roof ice melt tablets. These tablets are placed or tossed on to the roof on or near the ice dams  and are a safe way to remove any ice dams very quickly.
  • Another quick fix is to place fan in the attic aimed at the areas where the ice is forming and turn it on, blowing cold air towards the affected area will cause the water to freeze preventing the water from leaking into the home.
  • Use a roof snow rake to rake off the accumulated snow to help or minimize the accumulation of water that can potentially cause roof leaks and also to reduce the weight of snow on the roof.

For a long term fix, ensure that inside of your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. Seek the advice of a professional insulation company to evaluate your attic and condition of your insulation and ventilation system.

If you are in immediate need of a reputable and reliable contractor to safely and effectively perform ice dam removal, than look no further.  Ferreira Co. is an experienced roofing company that is always just a phone call away to help. We have been serving the MA and RI areas for over Sixteen years and have built a solid reputation of professionalism, reliability and quality work. Call us today for a free estimate.

Severe damage caused by water leaking into the home as a result of ice dams is most probably covered by your home owner’s insurance. It would also be wise to call your insurance agent to take a look at the damage.